Welcome to the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council (DD Council) is one of a national network of state councils, committed to self-determination and community inclusion for people with developmental disabilities. Our mission is to create change that improves independence, productivity and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities and their families in community life in Ohio.

The Ohio DD Council is made up of over 30 members, with the majority being people with developmental disabilities, and parents and guardians of people with developmental disabilities who are appointment by the Governor of Ohio. The DD Council meets throughout the year to discuss disability-related issues and to identify grant projects that can improve supports and services for Ohioans with disabilities.

Next Council Meeting - July 12-13, 2018

Crowne Plaza North - Worthington
6500 Doubletree Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43229

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News and Announcements

The importance - and problem - of transportation for Ohioans with disabilities

The Ohio DD Council is constantly revisiting the issues of transportation through research done by its grantees. The need for reliable and accessible transportation for Ohioans with disabilities is never ending. For example, the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC), through a grant from the Ohio DD Council, studied the question of access to transportation for Ohioans with disabilities. The GRC reported its findings in a report that was published in July 2017. Overall, the study found that obtaining safe, affordable, and appropriate transportation options can be very difficult for Ohioans with disabilities. For a quick look at the key findings, read the Ohio DD Council's Transportation Study Impact Sheet. The study’s results point to the need for further research, including an examination of the feasibility and effectiveness of proposed improvements and innovations. For more information, read the complete report here: Transportation Challenges for Ohioans with Disabilities. picture of the transportation impact sheet

Currently, the Ohio DD Council is funding a grant called, Sustaining & Expanding Accessible and Affordable Transportation for People with Disabilities Anytime. The grantee seeks to find ways to offer accessible and affordable transportation services for people with disabilities whenever needed, regardless of time of day or location. The grant also is researching solutions for what can be done when accessible and affordable transportation isn’t available. You can read more about the grant here: http://ddc.ohio.gov/Grants/Current-Projects/access-afford-trans

What is your opinion about transportation?

As the Ohio DD Council continues to work through its grantees and partners on ways to improve transportation, we encourage Ohioans with disabilities to provide input whenever possible. What will transportation look like in the future? What are your needs? What do you think will be the needs of people with disabilities in the years to come?

Currently, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) would like your input by taking a survey about the future of transportation. The responses from the survey will assist ODOT in updating Ohio's long-range transportation plan, called Access Ohio 2045.

Please take some time to complete ODOT's survey here so that they hear about the needs of Ohioans with disabilities: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Ohio-transportation-trends

Ohio DD Council thanks members for their service

The Ohio DD Council prides itself on the work done on behalf of people with developmental disabilities across Ohio. Driving this work, advocacy and energy are its dedicated Council members. The Governor-appointed members serve two three-year terms, where self-advocates have found their voice and been the catalyst for change.

We thank the members who recently completed their service with Ohio DD Council. While their terms are over, we know their passion, determination and dedication will continue to make Ohio a more inclusive and integrated state for people with developmental disabilities.

In the picture to the left, Executive Director Carolyn Knight and incoming Chair Joanna Spargo wish the best for the outgoing Council members. Pictured from left to right: Former Chair Mark Seifarth; Carolyn Knight; Linda Kunick, self-advocate; Doug Frank, self-advocate; Wiley Roberts, PCA; Chair Joanna Spargo. Not pictured: AnnMarie Denning, self-advocate; Kimberly Stults, parent/advocate; and Jeffrey Turner, self-advocate.

Part of being a Council member is to mentor and support one another. In the picture to the right, Linda Kunick, self-advocate (left), at her last meeting as a Council member, provides words of guidance to one of the newer members, Dara Walburn, self-advocate (right).

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