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Self-Determination Publications

Advocacy United Brochure

Advocacy United is a group of self-advocates with a mission to help move people with disabilities into places of power so that their voices will be heard. The vision of Advocacy United is that all people with disabilities will live, work, go to school, and be involved in the community where they want, the same as Ohioans without disabilities. Published August 2015.

Alphabet Soup: A Guide to Disability Related Acronyms

As a self-advocate, you probably hear and read many acronyms used in the disability field. This brochure provides an index of disability-related acronyms and their meanings. Revised November 2017.

Guidelines for Working with Your Personal Care Assistant at Meetings, Conferences & Special Events

Want tips on how to work with your Personal Care Assistant (PCA)? DD Council offers a booklet that answers questions about working with your PCA when he/she goes with you to meetings, conferences and special events. Published April 2014.

Record Keeping and Personal Care Guide

A comprehensive collection of forms including medical information, personal contact numbers, emergency information, insurance information, caregiver's information, organizational tools.

Person First Language

This is a guide to help put the person first when communicating about people with disabilities.

Taking Charge: A Hands-On Guide to Personal Assistance Services

This is a booklet to help people with disabilities learn about the process of setting up a personal assistance services support system. This publication was revised in September 2011.

The Value of an Advocate's Opinion

This is a "tent" brochure about the importance of organizations to financially support self-advocates to attend events and meetings. Published January 2015.

Transition to Independence

The Ohio DD Council has published the first in a series of brochures about several Ohioans with disabilities and their journeys to become active, productive members of their communities. Published December 2015.