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Guardianship & Estate Planning

The publications in this section provide information about guardianship and estate planning in Ohio. Please note that as of June 1, 2015, the rules regarding guardianship changed. The publications listed below were written prior to 2015, but still provide helpful information. The Ohio DD Council recommends that you consult an attorney before implementing any of the information in these publications.

These publications are also available in hard-copy booklets. Call the DD Council office at 614-466-5205 to place an order.

Estate and Future Planning (2010)

This booklet offers a brief, non-legalistic overview of estate planning options that exist at the time of release of this publication in 2010 for people with disabilities and their families in Ohio.

Guardianship and Alternatives in Ohio (2012)

Brief but comprehensive, non-legalistic overview of guardianship (at the time of release of this publication in 2012) and its alternatives in Ohio, especially for families who have a child with a developmental disability. A Spanish version is also available (hard-copy only).

Additional Guardianship Information from Other Sources