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New Membership

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council (DD Council)? If so, please submit your application! Applicants are required by the federal DD Act to fit into at least one of the following categories:

  • Individual with a developmental disability
  • Parent or guardian of a child with a developmental disability
  • Immediate relative or guardian of an adult with a developmental disability who cannot advocate for himself/herself
  • Immediate relative or guardian or an institutionalized or previously institutionalized individual with a developmental disability or an individual with a developmental disability who resides or previously resided in an institution
  • Representative from a private agency serving persons with developmental disabilities
  • Representative from a private non-profit organization serving persons with developmental disabilities

Experience serving on committees, boards, or organizations, particularly those that relate to developmental disabilities, is preferred. You should also have first-hand knowledge about services and issues related to developmental disabilities in Ohio.

If you are appointed to DD Council, you will be expected to attend six meetings per year and serve on at least two committees. Each DD Council meeting is a two-day meeting. For information about the role and responsibilities of a DD Council Member, download the DD Council Member Guide (PDF file). It is written by the Information and Technology Assistance for Councils on Developmental Disabilites (iTACC) for people appointed to serve or interested in serving on a Council for Developmental Disabilities.

How to Apply

You must complete and send the following to the Ohio DD Council:

  1. Application for Governor's Appointment to the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council: You can complete the Online DD Council application or you can download the ODDC application and mail it to our office. You can also contact Carla Cox at 614-644-5538 or carla.cox@dodd.ohio.gov to request an Application Packet.
  2. Governor's Application: Complete the application for appointment to Boards and Commissions from the Ohio Governor's website. NOTE: Do NOT submit the Governor's application online. Instead, please download and complete the application, then print and mail it to the Ohio DD Council.
  3. Your resume or vita
  4. Two letters of recommendation. An email submission may be accepted as long as the paper copy of the letter is mailed soon after.

When mailing information, send to:

Ohio DD Council
Nominating Committee
899 E. Broad Street, Suite 203
Columbus, Ohio 43205

After You Apply

  1. The Nominating Committee of DD Council will review your application and information.
  2. Those applicants who meet membership requirements and may fill DD Council needs in terms of geographic diversity, ethnic and cultural diversity, representation of rural and urban areas, etc. will be invited to attend a group Interview Meeting with the Nominating Committee in August. Those applicants selected by the Nominating Committee and DD Council will be submitted to the Ohio Governor.
  3. The Governor will appoint members for three-year terms. Those who are appointed will be notified of their appointment by the Governor's office.


Contact Carla Cox at 614-644-5538 or carla.cox@dodd.ohio.gov if you have questions.

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