The DD Council operates through committees that deal with the areas identified in the DD Council's State Plan. The committees meet during the two-day DD Council Meetings which are held throughout the year. The committees support ideas for projects (grants) that support ideas in DD Council's State Plan, designed to promote systems change. Council staff support the committees and handle day-to-day operations, administration, planning, advocacy, and project monitoring.

Each committee sets priorities and advocates for people with developmental disabilities in the committee's area of concern. They make recommendations for projects and activities that impact systems change, funding, legislation, public awareness, position statements, and public policy to carry out the priorities of the committee.

Members of the Ohio DD Council are required to serve on at least two committees. The Council chairperson appoints the chair and vice-chair for each committee. The responsibilities of the chairperson include leading the meetings; working with staff to plan agendas; facilitating discussion to include all committee members; providing leadership to the committee in setting priorities; and reporting out to the full DD Council during the Business Meeting.

The following is a list of DD Council's current committees. Click on the committee link for more information about each committee.