Outreach Committee

Mission Statement

To conduct outreach activities to identify individuals with developmental disabilities and their families who otherwise might not come to the attention of the Council and assist enable individuals and families to obtain services, individualized supports and other forms of assistance including access to special adaptation of generic community or specialized services.

Want to learn more about outreach? See the Outreach section of our website for more information about the Ohio DD Council's commitment to reaching out to the unserved and underserved, including resources on cultural competency and more.

Committee Project Oversight

Committee Members

Bobbi Krabill, Chair
Vicki Jenkins, Vice-Chair
Bill Ackman
Brenda Brandon
Javan Brown
Michael Denlinger
Molly Dible
Monica McCain
Paula Rabidoux
Rachel Rice
Rhonda Rich

Kellie Brown, County Board Representative (non-voting)


Fatica Ayers