What are the responsibilities of being a DD Council member?

Being a member of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council means you will agree to do the following:


  • Attend two (2) days of meetings, six (6) times per year.
  • Attend Council's conferences and events.
  • Participate in two (2) Committees of Council which meet during the regularly scheduled Council meetings.
  • Participate in new member orientation sessions.
  • Prepare for Council and Committee meetings by reading information sent to you from Council staff.
  • Advocate for Council's Mission and Philosophy.
  • Participate in the development of Council positions on matters of public policy.
  • Have the ability to communicate either by voice, interpreter, signing, or communication device.
  • Participate in at least one (1) grant review panel for the purpose of awarding DD Council funds.
  • Read and respond to action alerts.
  • Consult with Council staff as needed.


  • Serve on various Council ad hoc groups.
  • Represent Council at selected state or local events.
  • Assume role of Committee Chair, if appointed.
  • Mentor a new Council Member.
  • Provide information to state and/or federal legislators.
  • Share information between Council and other organizations, as appropriate.
  • Serve on groups external to Council.
  • Participate in visits to Council projects with Council staff.

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