Who can apply to become a member?

Ohio DD Council membership requires that applicants must comply with categories listed in the federal Developmental Disabilities Act. The categories are as follows:

  1. Individual with a developmental disability.
  2. Parent or guardian of a child with a developmental disability.
  3. An immediate relative or guardian of an adult with a mentally impairing developmental disability who cannot advocate for himself/herself.
  4. An immediate relative or guardian or an institutionalized or previously institutionalized individual with a developmental disability or an individual with a developmental disability who resides or previously resided in an institution.
  5. A representative of a local and non-governmental agency concerned with services for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  6. A representative of a private non-profit group concerned with services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

All candidates for DD Council membership should have experience serving on committees, boards, or organizations. Such experience concerned with persons with developmental disabilities would be especially relevant. Applicants should have first-hand knowledge about developmental disabilities in Ohio.

Recruitment of membership is always open so feel free to apply at any time.

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