Remote Support

Award Amount: $100,000

Year of Grant: 2019

Grantee: The Ohio State University Nisonger Center

Council staff responsible: Kim Crishbaum

Goal of Grant

The objective of this project is to expand remote support availability in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and The Ohio State University Nisonger Center have partnered on a technology project to grow the use of remote support, identify gaps in technology services, identify emerging technologies, and make recommendations to increase technology use/access for Ohioans with developmental disabilities. To support this initiative, the Ohio DD Council will provide funding for five proposals from County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (CBDD) and/or Councils of Governments (COGs) that are interested in making a commitment to expand remote support (also known as remote monitoring) availability in their county. The ongoing workforce crisis often leaves CBDDs and providers without sufficient staff to fill vacant positions. Ohio is now a "Technology First" state and the grants are offering to advance this mandate. The funds will be used for CBDDs or COGs to identify and develop a CBDD technology expert. This person would assist individuals, SSAs, and provider agencies in setting up remote support services.

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