General Assembly Briefing Sessions

Award amount: $40,000 per year (2017-2021 plan); $35,000 per year (2022-2026 plan)

Duration: 2017-2021; 2022-2026

Grantee: Colby & Colby (2017-2021); LMK Advocacy (2022-2026)

Council staff contact: Paul Jarvis

Goal of Grant: It is difficult to understand Ohio’s system of services and supports. It is challenging for advocates with disabilities, family members and professionals to communicate issues and needs. This is often the case when engaging with policymakers and staff that are unfamiliar with the history and issues that people with developmental disabilities face. This grant will have four trainings each year to help legislators and their staff understand how people with disabilities receive services and how programs work. A person with a disability or a family member will tell their story at each training.