Grant Review Process

The Ohio DD Council enlists a group of people (grant review panel) to review Council's grants each year, and to review new grant applications. Panel members are asked to view a 10-minute tutorial on how to participate on a DD Council Grant Review panel. Panel members will learn about their responsibilities, including the grant review process and the grant review packets.

Before watching the tutorial:

  • Print the slides from the presentation to use to take notes on as you follow along during the presentation: PDF of Presentation Slides
  • At the end of the Grant Review Tutorial, you are provided with a link to the Grant Review Evaluation Form. This form has been revised since this presentation was originally created. Here is a link to the updated form: Grant Review Evaluation Form 

Now you are ready to view and listen to the tutorial:

The tutorial is a PowerPoint with sound (narrated) that will automatically advance as if you are watching a video.