Ohio DB 101 Videos

Employment Project

The Ohio’s Disability Benefits 101 (OHDB 101) website helps people with disabilities make decisions about going to work. The website has Ohio-specific tools and information on employment and career planning; health coverage options; disability benefits; *asset building; education; housing; and community living. OHDB 101 can be used by job seekers with disabilities, service providers or anyone in the community. The website can be found at https://oh.db101.org/

Funding from the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council will: 

  • Make the website more accessible and easier to use for everyone.
  • Create video tutorials for OHDB 101. Topics may include: What is SSI; SSI and Work; Ohio’s STABLE Account program; and Medicaid Waivers.  

* Asset building = collecting something of value

Grantee: World Institute on Disabilities
Amount: $39,000

Read the complete version of this project's plan language in the 2022-2026 State Plan.

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