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New study released on transportation issues

January 24, 2022
by the Ohio DD Council and the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council, in collaboration with the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC), has released the 2021 Transportation Accessibility for Ohioans with Disabilities Report. Transportation is consistently cited as the number one unmet need of Ohioans with disabilities. The Council partnered with GRC to develop and conduct an accessible statewide survey to better understand transportation issues for Ohioans with disabilities. 


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Mrs. Cratchit, the two young Cratchits & Tiny Tim

December 20, 2021
by Mark Seifarth, former DD Council member and Chairperson

Many of you know this is the third year of my growing tradition of relating a particular musing from Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” with the hope that we can see one of my favorite pieces of literature in a slightly different light. As we read and watch the many additional characters in numerous renditions of “A Christmas Carol” during the holiday season, let’s visit with what we know and maybe what little we actually know of Tiny Tim, Mrs. Cratchit, and the Cratchit children and how that applies to current day situations and challenges.


Barriers persist in finding and affording technology

December 1, 2021
Featuring DD Council Chair Michael Denlinger

Council Chair Michael Denlinger relies on his computer for every bit of his daily communication with the outside world. But recently, his computer quit working and could not be fixed. With funds tight and the unavailability of a replacement computer that could be adapted to his particular needs, Denlinger turned to the ODDC for help. But the barriers to finding and funding the technology he needed made it a long process.

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Celebrate National Family Caregivers Month!

November 8, 2021
by Ohio DD Council Staff

National Family Caregivers Month is a time to recognize and honor family caregivers across the country. It offers an opportunity to raise awareness of caregiving issues, educate communities, and increase support for caregivers. Read about the family support efforts in Ohio and around the nation.

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