Aging and Disability Transportation Forum Series

Transportation has always been an issue, especially for those who are aging or have a disability. What can be done to improve this vital need? The Ohio Aging and Disability Coalition (an initiative of the Services for Independent Living) aims to answer this question and provide information to help others to take action! 

The Coalition is offering a four-part series to inform and educate people. Attend and let your voice be heard!

Forum 1

Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Time: 10:30AM-11:30AM EST
Title: A deeper look into transportation surveys. How do they help our local communities?

Transportation surveys assist in gathering the data needed for research studies that can help legislators and administration officials better understand the unique needs and challenges of people with developmental disabilities. Join us for an in-depth discussion about the impact that transportation surveys have on our communities and what we can learn from them.

Speakers are:

  • Brandi Hesson - Mobility Manager Buckeye Hills Regional Council
  • Pamela Pate - Statewide Mobility Coordinator Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Melissa Grey - Senior Program Manager National Aging and Disability Transportation Center

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Forum 2

Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Time: 1:30 PM-2:30PM EST
Title: Mobility Managers: The link between community partners and transportation providers 

What is a Mobility Manager? Who do they help? What do they do? Join us for a Mobility Manager Transportation panel featuring mobility managers from across the state of Ohio as they educate us about the role that they play in our aging and disability communities. Learn about the importance of their facilitation of travel training, orientating individuals, and the impact of feeding data on unmet needs into the transportation planning processes across the state.

Speakers are:

  • Lisa Leckrone - Mobility Manager Perry County
  • Sharon Pearson - Mobility Manager at United Way of Greater Lorain County
  • Tracy Haines - Mobility Manager Coshocton County Mobility Management

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Forum 3

Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Time: 10:30 AM-11:30AM EST
Title: Improving access to transportation in Ohio’s rural communities

Helping rural communities improve access to transportation assists in breaking a huge barrier that persist in the state of Ohio. Our featured speakers will describe how their programs and resources help benefit rural communities by describing their best practices for improving access to transportation, overcoming barriers, and improving transportation safety in Ohio’s rural community’s.

Speakers are:

  • Jessie Schmitzer - Mobility Manager Athens-Hocking County
  • Joseph Adray - Mobility Manager ARTS/Highland County

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Forum 4

Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Time: 1:30 PM-2:30PM EST
Title: Technology and Transportation; The future

Transportation can reduce social isolation and enhance individual autonomy and psychosocial well-being. It is important that we increase our knowledge and understanding of the potential benefits of using technology in relation to transportation for people with disabilities and who are aging. Hear from some of Ohio’s Transportation networks on how they are making a difference in our communities and providing exceptional transportation services with the help of modern-day technology.

 Speakers are:

  • Kate Schramm- Director of Partnerships Foenix Mobility Rising
  • Lexi Petrella- Mobility Coordinator Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
  • Ryan Mancus- Founder and CEO SHARE Mobility

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