COVID-19: How has it affected you?

June 23, 2020
by DD Council Staff

It's been nearly five months since the pandemic made an impact on people living in the United States. So many things have changed and people have had different experiences, both good and bad, in dealing with their daily lives. 

  • Are you 18 or older?
  • Do you have an intellectual disability or a developmental disability?
  • Are you interested to sharing about how you have been doing during the last several months?

If you answered YES to these questions, please participate in a study of the Nisonger Center at The Ohio State University. All you need to do is take a short survey online now and at two other times (so three times total). Your survey answers MATTER. They will help Nisonger Center gather information to share with others on how to help you during tough times.

The survey asks questions about your experiences with services and supports in your home life, work life, and healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Input from people with IDD/DD about their experiences during this time is important so that practitioners, employers, and others to understand how they can be better support people with IDD/DD. 

This is a national survey for families of adults (ages 18+) with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The Nisonger Center developed this survey in response to rapidly changing circumstances for people with IDD/DD due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Questions? Contact at the Nisonger Center.

Take the survey:

Questions about COVID-19? Visit coronavirus.ohio.govor call1-833-4-ASK-ODH for answers. See also DD Council's COVID-19 Resources for People with Developmental Disabilities page for links to helpful information and videos.