Know Your Voter Rights!

October 6, 2020
by DD Council Staff

Be prepared for Election Day on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 by learning about your rights as a voter with a disability. Disability Rights Ohio (DRO) has released a new set of plain language guides with helpful information for voters with disabilities. The series includes:

  • Logo for Disability Rights OhioWhat is Disability Rights Ohio?
  • How Can DRO Help Me If I Have Trouble Voting?
  • Why Is It Important to Vote?
  • Who Has the Right to Vote in Ohio?
  • What Are the Different Ways I Can Vote?
  • What Information or Documents Do I Need to Vote in Person?
  • Will COVID-19 Affect My Right to Vote?
  • How Do I Get Registered and Ready to Vote?
  • What Kind of Help Can I Get When I go to Vote at the Polls?

These guides, along with more information about voter rights, are available on DRO’s website

Also, check our list of resources for voters with disabilites.