Grantee Outreach Requirements

One of the primary purposes of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council is to offer grant opportunities. As part of the application process, applicants are required to include specific objectives and activities related to their strategy to incorporate and include unserved and underserved communities. The Ohio DD Council places great emphasis on this and applicants and grantees who do not take proactive steps to ensure that project activities contain active efforts to include unserved and underserved populations will not succeed. It is not enough to classify people with disabilities as disadvantaged individuals. Grantees must be more targeted in their efforts. 

The following questions are included in the grant application.

  • Who are the unserved/underserved population(s) in your project area?
  • Identify the unserved/underserved population(s) you plan to serve.
  • Describe their needs and any barriers to service.
  • Describe the affirmative or proactive outreach activities you will perform. What are the expected outcomes?
  • List key community people/organizations you will work with to serve the unserved/underserved population(s).
  • What are your plans to sustain outreach activities?
  • How will you measure progress towards your outreach goals?
  • What process will you use to address unforeseen barriers?
  • To the extent possible, describe how this project will identify and report disparities among the population(s) you plan to serve, including, but not limited to, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

The purpose of the questions is to provoke applicants to do critical thinking on which population is considered unserved or underserved in the project area and how best to collaborate with and include those individuals in project activities and outcomes.

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