Outreach Issues Briefs

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council provides Outreach Issues Briefs to bring attention to issues experienced by people with developmental disabilities who are from unserved or underserved backgrounds. Unserved and underserved includes, but is not limited to, populations from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds, disadvantaged individuals with limited English proficiency, individuals from underserved geographic areas (rural or Urban), and specific groups of individuals within the population of individuals with developmental disabilities, including individuals who require assistive technology in order to participate in and contribute to community life.

The Outreach Information Briefs will be a series of articles that cover a particular topic. Currently we are working on two topics:

  • The State of Tech: This series, launched in July 2019, looks at technology and the digital divide for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio.
  • Food Deserts in Ohio: This series, currently being written, will discuss food deserts in Ohio, which is the lack of access to grocery stores that provide healthy, affordable food.