Employment Publications

Employment First Initiative: Community Employment

Ohio's Employment First Initiative launched in March 2012. This publication highlights several individuals with developmental disabilities who have benefited from this initiative. Published January 2015.

Evaluation of the Medicaid Buy-In Program for Workers with Disabilities

A report written by the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center for the Ohio DD Council for distribution at the 2013 Disability Awareness and Advocacy Day.

Medicaid Buy-in for Workers with Disabilities

Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with disabilities (MBIWD) allows individuals with disabilities to earn money from a job (income) and to keep their Medicaid health care coverage. This publication is produced by the AXIS Center for Public Awareness.

Ohio's March to Greater Independence: Community Employment Q&A

This brochure answers questions about the move to community employment for people with disabilities. The questions are answered by people with years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities. Included are two feature stories about the experiences of two Ohioans with disabilities as they seek community employment. Published December 2016.