Self-Determination Publications

Alphabet Soup: A Guide to Disability Related Acronyms

As a self-advocate, you probably hear and read many acronyms used in the disability field. This brochure provides an index of disability-related acronyms and their meanings. Revised November 2017.

Guidelines for Working with Your Personal Care Assistant at Meetings, Conferences & Special Events

Want tips on how to work with your Personal Care Assistant (PCA)? DD Council offers a booklet that answers questions about working with your PCA when he/she goes with you to meetings, conferences and special events. Published April 2014.

Record Keeping and Personal Care Guide

A comprehensive collection of forms including medical information, personal contact numbers, emergency information, insurance information, caregiver's information, organizational tools.

Person First Language

This is a guide to help put the person first when communicating about people with disabilities.

NOTE: This publication is currently being revised.

Sudden Impact! Demanding & Commanding Respect on Ohio's County Boards

This booklet highlights Ohioans with disabilities who are making a difference by serving on their county board of developmental disabilities. Published January 2020.

Taking Charge: A Hands-On Guide to Personal Assistance Services

This is a booklet to help people with disabilities learn about the process of setting up a personal assistance services support system. This publication was revised in September 2011.

The Value of an Advocate's Opinion

This is a "tent" brochure about the importance of organizations to financially support self-advocates to attend events and meetings. Published January 2015.

Transition to Independence

The Ohio DD Council has published the first in a series of brochures about several Ohioans with disabilities and their journeys to become active, productive members of their communities. Published December 2015.