DD Council Connection - November 2017

logo of dd council connection newsletter bannerWelcome to the November 2017 edition of the DD Council Connection newsletter!

DD Council Connection is a way for the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council to introduce to you our Council members, grantees, staff and entire statewide community of self-advocates and others who work tirelessly on behalf of people with disabilities and their families. We hope you enjoy this e-newsletter. Please share your thoughts, story ideas and calendar submissions with us at DDCInfo@dodd.ohio.gov.

This month's articles include:

Council Member Spotlight: Blaine O’Leary

Blaine O’Leary is a self-advocate from Shelby County. He has served on the Council for two years, and has a found a voice to not only advocate for himself, but also others.

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Visit Ohio DD Council's YouTube channel to see more videos about other members and projects of the Ohio DD Council.

Want to apply to become a member?

If you are interested in applying for appointment to the Ohio DD Council, visit ddc.ohio.gov/Council-Members/New-Member-Application.

Grantee Spotlight: ReachOut e-Diversity News

ReachOut e-Diversity News is a bi-monthly newsletter funded by the Ohio DD Council’s Outreach Committee. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide information on the need to promote more interagency collaboration and coordination that results in agencies providing culturally competent services to the unserved and underserved populations in Ohio.

The newsletter was originally funded through DD Council’s last State Plan period from 2012-2016. The Committee chose to continue funding the newsletter for the current State Plan period of 2017-2021. During the current period, the focus of the newsletter will be to:

  • Identify the benefits and outcomes of culturally competent interagency collaboration and coordination to un/underserved populations with disabilities;
  • Provide call-to-action strategies that address issues impacting minorities with developmental disabilities; and
  • Facilitate networking among stakeholders (people with disabilities, their families, service providers, agencies, legislators, etc.) that focuses on meeting the needs of minorities with developmental disabilities.

Key activities to achieve these goals include to:

  • Identify current issues and best practices that focus on providing culturally competent services to un/underserved populations with disabilities.
  • Feature research, experts, and programs that address issues and practices that focus on providing culturally competent services to un/underserved populations with disabilities.
  • Develop articles that provide information about these issues and practices.
  • Create innovative call-to-action strategies that engage readership.
  • Establish a virtual network of stakeholders that engage in finding practical solutions to meeting the needs of minorities with developmental disabilities.

Read issues of the newsletter on the DD Council website at ddc.ohio.gov/News-Media/Newsletters/outreach-news. Instructions on how to subscribe to the newsletter are included on that page.

What else is the Ohio DD Council funding? 

See a complete list of current projects at http://ddc.ohio.gov/Grants/Current-Projects.

Action Alert: Technology Use and Remote Supports Survey

Remote supports use electronic equipment to support and assist people with developmental disabilities in their home. This service is provided from an off-site location, typically using home and community based waivers to fund the cost and maintenance of equipment and staff.

As a part of a research study conducted by The Ohio State University Nisonger Center, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD), please participate in a short survey about remote supports (also known as remote monitoring). This survey is for family members of people with developmental disabilities. Your answers are helpful, even if you have not used or heard of remote supports.

Your feedback will provide the Nisonger Center and DODD with valuable suggestions for the improvement and expansion of remote services that can enable people with disabilities to live on their own.

Click here to take the survey

If you have any questions about this survey or the research study it's a part of, please contact either Jordan Wagner at Nisonger Center at 614-688-3155 or Jordan.Wagner@osumc.edu or Kyle Corbin at DODD at 614-285-3839 or Kyle.Corbin@dodd.ohio.gov.

Best Buddies Hosts Leadership Developmental Training for Self-Advocates

Join the Best Buddies Ambassador Team for a two-day training for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). This training will prepare people with I/DD across Ohio with the tools needed to advocate for themselves and for all people throughout the State with I/DD. The training will include speech writing, public speaking and more.

When: December 2-3, 2017 in Dayton, OH

Time: 10 AM - 3 PM, each day

Where: Location will be provided upon registration

Registration: Contact Emily Reed by email at emilyreed@bestbuddies.org

Best Buddies is an international nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities for inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This event is supported by funding from the Ohio DD Council through its Empowering Self Advocates grant. Trainings were also previously conducted in Columbus and Cleveland.

OPRA Launches DSPOhio to Recruit Direct Support Professionals

The Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA), through a grant from the Ohio DD Council, launched DSPOhio in direct response to Ohio's developmental disability system's number one challenge: the direct support workforce crisis.

To effectively recruit DSPs on an ongoing basis, a process is required to increase awareness of and familiarity with the important and rewarding role of providing direct supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. DSPOhio is singularly purposed to find and attract individuals across Ohio who may wish to be a DSP and help them immediately connect to an employing provider of their choice.

Director Martin of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities recently talked about DSPOhio and his support for the initiative on a local television station in Columbus. Check out what the director had to say about DSPOhio here: http://abc6onyourside.com/good-day-columbus/thousands-of-jobs-opportunities-available-in-ohio

Visit the DSPOhio website here: www.dspohio.org